Why are Destination Weddings so popular?

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Decrease the stress; increase the FUN. Imagine spending the most important event of your life over a couple of days in the ultimate private lake shore paradise, surrounded by loved ones. A destination wedding allows you to essentially be on vacation with all of your friends and family. There’s no need to worry about reserving accommodations, coordinating various sites for welcome dinners and after-parties, or the headache of arranging transportation. In addition, because of their all-inclusive nature, destination weddings are also more affordable. Accommodation, catering, and even special activities are all included so that you can completely unwind and treasure each moment of the romantic retreat that awaits.

Enjoy more time to interact with your guests over a longer time period! We’ve all been to a wedding where after the ceremony and reception line we may only have a few minutes with the bride and groom. Weddings are often a one-day affair; and after a morning of getting ready, the bride and groom typically only have a small part of the day to spend with loved ones. A destination wedding allows you to spend so much more quality time with each guest and fully enjoy your special event. It is nicer for your guests too who have more time to relax and share in your celebration. With a destination wedding you will provide a beautiful ceremony, fun activities, campfires, and more for your guests.

Want more opportunities for your wedding to be remembered as a fun and uniquely customized event? Invite 70 or 300 of your closest friends to enjoy each other and time in a stunning location. Plan a luxury event with flowing greenery in a magnificent hall and a private boat ride for the bride and groom. Or enjoy a more rustic event by emphasizing the beauty of nature with your private ceremony nestled between the trees. If you opt for a destination wedding you will not only have an impressive backdrop that includes sunsets, majestic mountains, and sweeping lake vistas, but magical memories to last a lifetime!

If this is something you feel is a good fit for you, read more about how our dedicated team and Lake George venue in upstate New York provide one of the best destination weddings imaginable.

Destination Weddings at Adirondack Camp