Viva La Fiesta: How to Throw a Mexican-Inspired Wedding

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Why not draw inspiration from Mexican culture for your wedding if you want to add some color, excitement, and a touch of fiesta? A wedding with a Mexican theme is a wonderful way to include vibrant colors, regional food, and upbeat music in your celebration. Here are some pointers for planning a wedding with a Mexican theme:

  1. Decide on a color scheme. Mexican culture is distinguished by its use of vivid and striking hues. Choose a color scheme for your wedding that captures the energy of Mexico to incorporate these hues. Use hues of red, orange, yellow, blue, and green if possible. To add some shine, you may also use metallics like gold and silver.

  2. Use Papel Picado to decorate: Papel Picado is a form of folk art from Mexico in which elaborate patterns are cut from vibrant tissue paper. To add a festive touch to your wedding decor, use papel picado banners. Papel picado table runners, placemats, or napkins are further options.

  3. Serve authentic Mexican food: Mexican food is renowned for its diversity and strong tastes. Serve authentic Mexican fare including enchiladas, tamales, chiles rellenos, or carne asada. For your wedding, the Adirondack Camp catering crew offers genuine Mexican food. A taco bar or guacamole station can also be put up. Consider providing flan, tres leches cake, or churros as dessert.

  4. Set Up a Tequila Bar: Tequila is a popular drink in Mexico and a fun way to spice up your wedding. A tequila bar should be set up with a range of tequilas, margarita mix, and lots of lime wedges.

With these tips, you can create a fun, festive, and memorable Mexican-inspired wedding. Viva la fiesta!